Fiber Arts 

Corn Cross Sculptural Collection 

Created in honor of Hispanic heritage and in remembrance of my personal heritage and the changes made throughout the generations. From our bodies, food and religious beliefs. These baskets are part of a large series of 6. Each one is built off a large solid wooden foot saved from the old family couch. Adorned with a handmade corn husk cross. 

Vientre de Madre 2023

Hermosa 2023

Folklorico 2024

Heritage Collection 2023

Large Fancy Reed Wall Art - Mexican Mask

Large Egg-Shaped Reed Basket - Cosmic Egg

*SDA Fall Life-Lines Exhibition*

Spirit Basket - A bright orange round reed snakes around the dried Wyoming branch holding tight to a free form thin smoked reed moon basket. Representing the unity between the Sun, Moon and the spirit of the Wyoming land.

Large Square Cotton and Cane Basket 2023

This decorative coffee table basket has natural cane wrapped along an old wire basket with cotton wrapped edges and handles. 

Offering Baskets 2023

These Offering Baskets are Designed to sit atop an Offrenda. The Natural Elements will Attract the Ancestors. Fill with flowers, breads, nuts or dried corn. 

Natural Reed with XL Glass Pony Beads and Wooden Top Beads

Natural, smoked and dyed reed with fancy rim and hand painted wooden beads.

Talavera Tile with Smoked Reed and Glass Pony Beads and Braided Rim.

Giant Fancy Gathering Basket 2023

This Giant Gathering Basket is made for gathering large amounts of flowers, plants and other natural Items. Made with smoked flat reed, dyed flat reed, reed rim, oak handle wrapped in natural cane with fancy dyed eye wrap.

Black Cane Energy Racetrack 2023

Large oak square racetrack bottom with Free Form black binding cane weaving. Cane wrapped smoked reed rim with seagrass and brass pins. Made to contain emotional energy for healing.


Two Bottle Basket 2023

XL Fancy 2 Bottle Basket. Oak handle with Fancy Cane weaving. Reed body with smoked reed bottom. Black binding cane for the smoked reed rim and the accent. With woven cane divider.


Talavera Tile Basket 2023

Solid thin reed basket with Talavera tile bottom and adorned with blue glass beads. Free form shaped into a vase style. Created as a spiritual offering basket. 

Great Plains Weaving & Aztec Weaving 2022

Cotton and Cane on Wood Frame- Wyoming Plains - The Great Plains

Cord and Cotton on Wooden Frame - Aztec Marks

Various Baskets

Fancy Half Wall Basket 2022

Fancy Cane Wrapped Oak Handle. Woven with hand dyed Reed. Half Wall Hanging Basket

Fancy Single Pie Basket 2022

Fancy cane wrapped handle single pie basket. Woven in smoked reed with a dyed reed rim with a natural cane wrap. 

The Wyoming 2022

XL Fancy Cane Wrapped Oak handle. Woven with Reed and Rim Wrapped in Cane with a Seagrass Lining

10" Nantucket Style Thin Round Reed Fancy Fruit Basket


10" Short Nantucket Style Thin Round Reed with Seagrass Fruit Basket


10" Nantucket Style Thick Round Reed Fruit Basket


XL Fancy Egg Basket 2022

XL Cane Wrapped Oak Handle Fancy Smoked Reed Egg Basket with Dual Gods Eye.

Small Mauve Fancy Egg 2022

Small Fancy Mauve Egg Basket with Cane Wrapped Oak Handle and Dual Gods Eye.

XL Reed Storage Basket 2022

XL Fancy Gathering Basket 2022

XL fancy cane wrapped handle gathering basket. Oak handle with natural dyed flat reed with double gods' eye wrap. 

Free Form Reed and Cane Basket 2023

Fancy Swing Basket 2022

Flat reed woven swing basket with reed rim with cane wrapping on an oak swing handle. With decorative reed design and seagrass inlay. 

Fancy Reed Fruit Basket 2022


Reed Fancy Flower Basket 2022

Double Wine Basket 2022

Reed on Oak Traditional Tall Two Wine Basket with Divider


Reed Long Hanging Pilgrim Baskets 2022

Double Wall Reed Mail Basket 2022

Reed Wrapped Bottle 2021


Traditional Native Reed and Cane Corn Basket 2021


Reed with Oak Hande Traditional Feather Gathering Basket 2021

Reed with Oak oval Breadbasket 2022

Hanging Reed with Hemp and Cane Wrap Herb Baskets

Reed with Glass Bead Basket 2022

Simple Reed Flower Gathering Baskets 2022

Reed oak and Cane wrapped small Petal Baskets

SOLD - #1 

Reed Oak and Cane Traditional Potato Basket 2021


Reed on Oak with Cane wrap 2021

Simple Reed Collecting Basket 2023

Reed Breadbasket with Oak Racetrack Bottom 2022


Long Harvester Basket 2022

Weaved with Smoked Reed and Rim Wrapped with Cane.  Solid Leather Carrying Strap.